Custom Printed Galaxy WPC - Mav Size

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Our Printed Canvas is 900D polyester fabric with PU coating on the back making it waterproof without the rubber feel on the back, making it very domestic friendly while still maintaining its waterproof proprieties. Low to no fraying.  

Most WPC is 600D with PVC backing which gives it the rubber feel.  

The D refers to the density (Denier) of the fabric, the higher the number, the higher the durability, strength and thickness of the fabric.  

This is WPC is very durable and strong enough for all your sewing projects.  

SIZE:  9" x 30" - Perfect to get ONE completed Mav Pack by Linds Handmade (sold separately HERE) you can get all pieces cut EXCEPT LINING & STABILIZER You can purchase Decovil Light cut for your Mav Pack HERE

You can also get a whole Dayna Pack (except Lining!)  from this cut (can get more than one if only using this material for the front side and not the sides & back) - also sold separately.  Can also squeeze 4 main body panels on here scale at 110% if you want to use other materials for the rest of your bag.  Can be used for many other bags, or projects.  Please note size BEFORE ordering so that you will know if you will have enough to complete your project. 

You do NOT need to show proof of purchase to buy this item, since no measurements nor cut pieces are provided.  

MAY SHIP FOLDED - you can cold press (or low heat) to remove wrinkles from shipping. 


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: WPC is waterproof and dirt resistant and wipes clean verily easy.  Although we did test this in the washer and dryer and it came out perfect, we HIGHLY suggest just wiping clean with a damp cloth. 

Use CAUTION if you iron this fabric.  We do not recommend this (DO NOT IRON BACK SIDE) , but it is able to be ironed on low for a short time without compromising its integrity.  As always, please perform your own tests on a small swatch. 



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