Flawed Roll - Black Patent-like

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Flawed Rolls do not meet our standard for sale at the regular retail price.

The roll could have color variation, blemishes, or section(s) that may have flaws. Most of the product is still usable.

With all 'mirror' surface vinyls, this can attract dust/lint. I keep an eyeglass cleaning cloth near by to wipe any off.  Be careful how you wipe off, it *could leave small scratches on the surface. Mirror surface vinyl is easy to scratch, use carefully.  

USE: Suitable for applique, ITH (In-the-hoop), and sewing projects.

ROLL SIZE:  Approximately 12" x 50" - 52" +/-  


TEXTURE: Shiny, high gloss, "patent-leather", "Wet-Look" appearance.



Hand wash/spot clean is best.  
Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.
Hang dry or dry in low heat.
NO bleach, Oxyclean type cleaners, or softeners.
We always recommend performing your own tests as uses with this vinyl may differ from person to person.  

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