Flawed Roll - White Glitter Glow

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Flawed Rolls do not meet our standard for sale at the regular retail price.

The roll could have color variation, blemishes, or section(s) that may have flaws. Most of the product is still usable.

This fabric has UV / color-changing properties.  Once exposed to light, the fabric will retain UV and will glow in the dark.  The more exposed to UV light, the more pronounced the glow.  Upon removing from UV light, the glow slowly fades and returns to its original color.

USE: Suitable for applique, ITH (In-the-hoop), and sewing projects.

ROLL SIZE:  Approximately 12" x 50" - 52" +/-  


TEXTURE: Slight textured glittery appearance.

BACKING: Thick brushed cotton


This vinyl can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in cold water.
Hang dry or dry in low heat to help protect the integrity of the color-changing chemicals.
NO bleach, Oxyclean type cleaners, fabric softeners, or stain removers.

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