Light Blue Textured Glitter

Size: Sheet
Sale price$2.25


USE:  Suitable for applique, ITH (In-the-hoop), and sewing projects.

This glitter has a canvas backing and has a texture to it. I made a small ITH bag and it held up pretty good, also handled appliqué and a satin stitch.  It will depend on your design.  Not recommend for extremely dense designs. Not sure how this will hold up to regular bag making, we recommend conducting your own tests before making items to sell.  Can be sewn on a domestic machine (depends on the machine) 

*This is the same texture/feel as our Tequila Sunflower vinyl, if you've used that and don't like it, you probably won't like this. This was order for a customer and since there is a minimum, I have extras.  Would love your feedback if you decide to purchase. You can email me at and let me know your thoughts! If this should be a regular item for sale.


     SHEET: 9" x 12"
     ROLL: Approximately 12" x 52" +/-

THICKNESS: 0.5-0.6 mm

TEXTURE: Shiny textured glittery appearance.  Slightly rough to the touch.  The glitter is NOT encased and minimal glitters may flake. 



We DO NOT recommend machine washing this vinyl, as it may make your glitter flake off. 
DO NOT put in dryer. 
Carefully wipe clean with a damp cloth careful not to rub to vigorously. 

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