Purple Solar

Size: Sheet
Sale price$3.25


This fabric has UV / color-changing properties.  The fabric remains white when not exposed to sunlight / UV light.  Once exposed, the fabric will change color and will remain changed while exposed.  The more exposed to UV light, the more pronounced the color.  Upon removing from UV light, the color will slowly fade back to white.

It is highly recommended that you take the product outside to review before you start any project.

DO NOT use a water-soluble stabilizer on the front of this vinyl. 

USE: Suitable for applique, ITH (In-the-hoop), and sewing projects. Great for bags  


SHEET: 9" x 12"
ROLL: Approximately 12" x 52" +/-

TEXTURE: White smooth matte (non-shine) finish.

BACKING: Thick brushed cotton


This vinyl can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in cold water.
Hang dry or dry in low heat to help protect the integrity of the color-changing chemicals.
NO bleach, Oxyclean type cleaners, fabric softeners, or stain removers.

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