Tequila Sunflower Textured Glitter

Size: Sheet
Sale price$2.25


USE:  Suitable for applique, ITH (In-the-hoop), and sewing projects.

Could be used for turntable bags, however we highly suggest conducting your own tests before you sell your makes. 
I did, however, make a small ITH bag and it turned just fine.  Looks great! As for long term durability, you will have to conduct your own tests as well.  We always recommend testing as I am not a bag maker and can miss important information regarding durability and sturdiest.  I always post my test sew outs in our FB group, feel free to join and ask questions.  


     SHEET: 9" x 12"
     ROLL: Approximately 12" x 52" +/-

THICKNESS: 0.6-0.7 mm

TEXTURE: Sparkly, glittery appearance. Slight rough texture, this is not smooth and the glitter is NOT under a layer of protection and may leave a few little glitters when cutting.  Very minimal.  



We do not recommend washing in the washing machine. Spot clean only.  As always, you should do your own tests for washing as well. :)
NO bleach, Oxyclean type cleaners, or softeners.

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